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Estamos Travel responsibilities only start as of the moment that both parties, Estamos Travel and the customer, have agreed upon the proposed services and prices.

Hotel Reservations : (also for Spa, Golf and Winter Sport Resorts)
(a) It is the duty of Estamos Travel to arrange for hotel rooms as per customers request (room type, check-in and check-out dates, accommodation, number of persons staying in the room, facilities requested when available, spa and/or golf resorts) and to confirm - in as long as the requested hotel is available for the requested period - this reservation as such to the customer and to inform the customer when the chosen hotel is not available or does not dispose of the requested services/facilities.
(b) Estamos Travel cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy between the hotel description given in the website and the reality as the hotel descriptions have been reported exactly as given to Estamos Travel by the hotel’s management or as printed in the hotel’s brochure or official hotel guide.
(c) Hotels have the full freedom to :
• Organize animation and/or activities (Live Music, Turkish Nights, open buffet meals...) at their own convenience. Generally these animations are not available in Winter season and Low Summer season (April and October) and completely depending on the number of guests in the hotel;
• Charge fees for any activity proposed such as water sports, beach facilities, special dinners, safes in room or at reception,...
Hence the above services and/or activities and their prices cannot be controlled nor guaranteed by Estamos Travel.

Transfers Reservations :
(a) It is the duty of Estamos Travel to arrange for the transfers as per customers request (Vehicle according to number of passengers, meeting location, date and time and arrival place) and to confirm this reservation as such to the customer. The maximum number of passengers per vehicle stated in Estamos Travel’s website cannot be overcrowded unless with 1 child under 6.
(b) Estamos Travel cannot be held responsible for facts of third parties nor for traffic (air-sea-road) delays which may occur in cancellation of the transfer or which may create extra charges. Indeed Estamos Travel will always have the delay confirmed by the concerned transporter (air-sea-road) and allow cancellation of the transfer only after a delay of minimum two hours or non-presence of the customer on the next passengers list, whatsoever the means of transportation.
(c) Nor can Estamos Travel be held responsible when such a delay caused the cancellation or delay of a next service such as missing a connection, cancellation of an overnight in hotel nor for the extra charges resulting from this delay.

Rent-a-car :
(a) It is the duty of Estamos Travel – as per customer’s request – to confirm (in as far as the car is available) and to arrange that the chosen car type or equivalent category be delivered at the place, date and time given by the customer.
(b) Estamos Travel cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy between the car description and the delivered car. Though it will be Estamos Travel’s duty to make sure that an equivalent car is being delivered. Nor can Estamos Travel be held responsible for car defects.
(c) Traffic fines are completely at charge of the customer as well as charged occurred for reparations not covered by the Full Insurance Package such as windshields and tires.

• Upon acceptance of the proposed services and prices by Estamos Travel, all reservations will be sent by fax or e-mail to Estamos Travel with all necessary information (as per the proposed reservation forms in Estamos Travel’s website). Estamos Travel will confirm the service (s) according to the given information within the shortest delay in as far as the confirmation by the third party has been given

• At the latest one week before the actual beginning of the first service, the customer will reconfirm all requested services with Estamos Travel and confirm necessary information to Estamos Travel.


• Modifications (except cancellations) are acceptable up to seven days in April, May and October, 14 days in June, July, August and September (excepted for Spa and Golf packages : 21 days over the whole year) before the originally planned arrival date.

• If a customer is to cancel, this should be advised to Estamos Travel at the latest seven days in low season and fourteen days in high season (ie, between June 15th and September 15th) or three week for Spa and Golf packages before the originally planned arrival date.

• If a customer did not cancel before the originally planned arrival date or after the given option periods above, a "no-show" fee of three nights' accommodation will be charged, unless the customer can deliver a certificate proving an impossibility such as illness, professional reasons or trespassing of a relative (till the second degree) and depending on the goodwill of the concerned third party.


By mail order (authorization for credit card debit : Visa and Master).

- In this case, Estamos Travel will forward a mail order form to the customer who will duly fill it in and send it to Estamos Travel by fax only as Estamos Travel does not dispose of a secure internet system.

- The customers will fill in one mail order form for each payment and fax it/them to Estamos Travel all together upon agreement of the proposed services and prices.

- It is then the duty of Estamos Travel to file safely and follow-up the mail orders for debit on the agreed dates. Estamos Travel will then also inform its customers in written (by e-mail or fax) of the debit’s execution.

- Estamos Travel guarantees its customers that payment by mail order form will not occur any further expenses or charges.

By bank transfer.

- In this case, it is completely up to the customer to follow-up the payments and their dates.

- Estamos Travel will, of course, inform its customer in due time of the its bank account information.

- Should any extra expenses or charges occur by this means of payment, they will be completely and solely at charge of the customer.

Should for any reason, any payment be delayed or not executed within the due dates or agreed payment plan (a copy of the bank draft sent by fax will be accepted as payment proof), after reminder, Estamos Travel will have the freedom to cancel the concerned services or reservations without any further notice.

• Important Notice.

As Estamos Travel is obliged - by law - to edit an invoice for each service, Estamos Travel kindly asks its customer to duly fill in the Address Box on the mail order form or to communicate his address by e-mail.

Estamos Travel, herewith, certifies that the addresses of their customers will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever than invoicing.


• Estamos Travel, herewith, confirms that all the information given by its customers will be used only and solely for the purpose of the service(s) booked via Estamos Travel and its partners. This information will not be communicated to thrid parties.


• Each complaint will be addressed to Estamos Travel by phone and then in written during the stay in Turkey and before leaving a hotel which may be a source of complaint. No complaints firstly addressed to Estamos Travel by the customer when returned to his country of origin will be accepted.

• Estamos Travel cannot accept any responsibility for faults committed by third parties such as hotels, bus companies, guides, restaurants, ferry, rent-a-car or yachting companies nor air carriers.

• Though Estamos Travel will do all what is in their power to solve the source of the complaint as soon as they have been advised about it.


• Are considered as force majeure all events beyond the control of Estamos Travel that may prevent the realization of the services such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, epidemic), war, union actions as all what may result of these.

• In case of force majeure, Estamos Travel will not be held responsible but will be in the obligation to advise their customers, if at all possible, as soon as possible by fax, e-mail or phone. Estamos Travel will also do whatever is in their power to assist their customers, assure their safety and if necessary try and organize their return to their home country upon agreement of the Consulate of the customer’s country.

• Should a customer, due to a force majeure, have to interrupt services booked via Estamos Travel, Estamos Travel cannot be held responsible for it nor be asked compensations. Though Estamos Travel will reimburse that part of the service (s) which has not been realized solely upon acceptance of the concerned third party.


In case of disagreement between Estamos Travel and its customers, the matter will be submitted to the Court of Justice of Kusadasi, who has the sole power to conclude. Whatever conclusion has been taken by the Court of Justice of Kusadasi, this will the only one that will be taken in consideration.

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